About the owner

 Ms. Hunter (Denise) brings 40 plus  years of practical and relevant experience to the table. In social services, she served as A Certified Reality Therapist, Trainer, Manager, Director, and Practicum Instructor. Pivoting to a career in the contract security industry; (private, state, aviation,and government contracts) From Operations Manager, Trainer, Contractor Licensee, Project Manager, to Vice President Positions she brings a full measure of practical and relevant training and experience to you.

Known for her intelligent leadership, smart administration, effective operations, talents, and  management skills; she has always excelled at delivering exception service with creative strategies and a genuine concern for people. (Corporate cultures, employees, individuals, teams, and families). From U.S. Presidents to students, the recognition and narrative about her has always been the same...  Leader, Dedicated, Smart, Efficient, and Trustworthy”.

She is known as A Change Agent.  She understands business and has a passion for developing people. More importantly, she has come to understand people and their relationships to/and within the corporate cultures they find themselves in; and individually within themselves. Her intentionality, ability to work with others,  recognize the needs of others, and bring talent and skill   to the table is unmatched. She recognizes the power of leadership and followership; successfully merging , respecting, developing, and applauding both.

“People always ask why I say Good Morning, no matter the time of day?" My answer is simple. She says, "It is a reminder that the "morning" represents a new day. So every second of every day should represent your morning. It is my reminder that this is the moment to make it right; get it right. You always have an opportunity to correct, if you choose to."

Denise's passion and purpose is steeped in service to others and building people up. She believes in teamwork.  A dynamic trainer, speaker, and leader at her core. She recognizes the potential in others and celebrates the success and progress birthed in everyone along the way. Her track record is rock solid.

“Those who know how will always have a job but … those who know WHY will always be their boss.” Ralph Waldo Emerson